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Chemical Industries

The chemical industry plays a vital role in every facet of our daily lives, is highly diversified and encompasses a vast number of applications.

The need to convey softeners, adhesives, urea, dispersions, hydrogen peroxides, kaolin, PVC, PVA, resins, and titanium dioxide, amongst others, is an important aspect of any chemical manufacturing process.

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Food and Beverage Industries

It stands to reason that hygienic, pristine clean conditions are vital in the food industry. It is also important that your products are handled with care and your equipment is easy to clean. Our suppliers have perfected their equipment over many years and are able to provide you with equipment that is designed to keep germs and bacteria out of your process!

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Mining Industries

The mining industry is, without doubt, the backbone of the South African economy. This is particularly true of the gold mining industry, but virtually every commodity mined in South Africa makes a sizable contribution to SA's economic stability.

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Paper and Pulp Industries

Despite the high-tech era in which we live, could you possibly imagine a world without paper? Paper features in almost every facet of our daily lives! Could you envisage not having books, magazines and newspapers, toilet paper, packaging material, and the myriad of documents that pass through our hands every day?

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Petro Chemical Industries

We have a proud history of supplying quality products to the petro-chemical, and associated industries, in South Africa. Whether it be process plant equipment for oil and gas, off-shore or refinery operations, we have the solution.

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Pharmaceutical Industries

At ASW we realise the importance of a contaminant free, highly efficient manufacturing environment, in the pharmaceutical industry, and to this end, we pride ourselves on being able to offer pharmaceutical companies unique, high technology product solutions.

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Steel Industries

ASW supplies heavy duty processes pumps, compressors and hydraulic equipment used in the manufacture of steel must be capable of handling corrosive, abrasive and viscous fluids.

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Sugar Industries

Sugar is utilised in a vast number of food manufacturing processes, globally. Billions of Dollars go into the production of cane and beet sugar worldwide, and South Africa is no exception. It, therefore, stands to reason that endless research has gone into the design and production of high quality equipment and advanced technology, for this burgeoning industry.

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Water Filtration & Wastewater

Problems caused by dirty water are many and varied, and result in unnecessary down time for maintenance and cleaning activities. These include blocked nozzles, fouled up pipes, blinding of scrubbers, sensors, membranes etc, and corrosion of seals.

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CIDB Registered Grade 5

ASW is registerd CIDB Grade 5 We are registered with the Construction Industry Development Board.

BEE Certification

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