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Water Filtration and Treatment

We are SA agents and distributors for leading international water filtration and water treatment products, including Fam, KSH, Pentair Structural, Tekleen and Cadar. All our suppliers are highly flexible and have the necessary in-house expertise and facilities to meet individual customer needs. Whether you are looking for a sand media or hydro cyclone separator filter or a fully automatic self cleaning filter, we can help you!

When you deal with ASW you are in good company. Our suppliers are proud of the fact that they produce the finest quality products and cater to the needs of the largest companies in the world.

So why take the risk

Don't risk running into equipment fouling and scaling problems, directly caused by dirty water, when water filtration can eliminate these problems.

ASW has a team of fully trained, highly experienced professionals on standby to assist you with your applications.

Despite the current worldwide trend towards saving the environment, air and water pollution is still a massive problem. Water is vital in manufacturing processes, but if it becomes contaminated, instead of ensuring the efficient running of your machines, it will clog up your equipment and cause all sorts of technical problems.

And, for this reason water filtration systems are a necessity in manufacturing! The time and money you save by not having to clean and replace vital components, on a regular basis, far outweigh the cost of a world class water filtration unit.

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ASW is registerd CIDB Grade 5 We are registered with the Construction Industry Development Board.

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